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    Dec 16, 2017

    Record Bar 9pm Last show for awhile!

    Kansas City, MO

    Nov 18, 2017

    Wooly's 9pm start

    Des Moines, IA

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    Quixotes' Porch, Denver

    Stop-Go, Fire On The Mountain

    Quixotes, Denver

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    The music of Widespread Panic is undeniably powerful and magnetic. It's brings together an impossible recipe of unlikely ingredients to form a bubbling stew of highly-spiced energy. It was this raw, uncut attraction to the spirit of Panic's music that brought together the members of California Voodoo. The band's goal is, and always will be, to replicate the honest spirit of Widespread Panic, echoing the timeless themes of celebration, suffering, love, and loss that permeate Panic's sound.

    Scotty McCormick Jr.

    Rhythm Guitar/Vocals

    Scotty McCormick's uncanny grit and bluesy wails perfectly capture an early nineties J.B.

    Brian Brooks

    Lead/Slide Guitar

    Brian Brooks bridges the gap between the stylistic range of Mikey Houser and the harmonic sensitivity of Jimmy Herring.

    Brad McTighe


    Brad McTighe holds down the charging low end and frenetic upper-register melodies of Dave Schools.

    Matt Miner


    Matt Miner provides the rock solid tempo and familiar drum fills with exploratory touch and prowess.

    Damon Parker


    Damon Parker adds the creole-funk inspired keyboard improvisations of JoJo Herman.

    Nathan Herrington


    Nathan Herrington adds the percussion attack of Sunny Ortiz and vocals of JoJo Herman.

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